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Sildenafil online – men’s ally in defeating erectile dysfunction

In the medicine guides Sildenafil Citrate application instructions and precautions varies according to the particular Sildenafil preparation.

Sildenafil Citrate is phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor which treats different health conditions, e.g. aids men with male impotence by enhancing erectile response for sexual stimulation. It supports blood vessels muscles relaxation which increases blood flow into the penis, thus an erection happens. However it’s important to remember that Sildenafil will not cause an erection unless a man is sexually aroused; foreplay is still needed.

There are few popular brands using Sildenafil Citrate as a main ingredient in their formulations: Viagra (both Brand and Generic) and Revatio.

Nowadays Viagra is a common noun, a well-known medicine which is famous for treating men’s erectile problems. Many internet drug-stores offer to buy Sildenafil Citrate online without prescription. You can find cheap Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra, Viagra for sale at our online store.

These medications are not intended for women and persons under 18 years old. The dose of ED medicines depends on patient’s problems and condition. So it’s important to consult a doctor before ordering Sildenafil online.

Keep Sildenafil tablets at room temperature, out of reach of children. Throw away tablets outdated or no longer needed.

Sildenafil interactions with beverages and other medicines

Please be aware that PDE-5 inhibitors interacts with grapefruit juice.

During your romantic date you can indulge a glass of wine or a couple of cocktails along with Sildenafil as PDE-5 inhibitors are compatible with alcohol.

Be careful taking other medicines or complementary preparations along with ED drugs. Better ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice whether all medications you take are compatible with each other. Tell a specialist what preparations no matter prescribed or non-prescribed you take so he’ll be able to consider all possible interactions.

There are types of medications which are not advised to be taken along with Phosphodiesterase Type-5 Inhibitors:

  • All kinds of Nitrates or Nitric Oxide Donors;
  • Endothelin Antagonist;
  • Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Inducers and Inhibitors;
  • Alpha-Blockers;
  • Protease Inhibitors;
  • Other medications for ED problems in men.

Here is a list of brand medicines that should be abandoned if ED preparations applied:

  • Nicorandil,
  • Amyl nitrite,
  • Bosentan,
  • Cimetidine,
  • Ketoconazole,
  • Dipyridamole,
  • Doxazosin,
  • Ritonavir,
  • Theophylline,
  • Erythromycin,
  • Rifampin,
  • Saquinavir, etc

Sildenafil side effects list:

  • headache or muscle aches
  • blurred vision and sensitivity to light
  • heartburn
  • insomnia, dizziness or lightheadedness
  • indigestion and diarrhea
  • blood pressure problems and nosebleeds
  • numbness, itching and tingling sensations
  • rash

Sildenafil or similar ED medications may cause other side effects. If you experience strange symptoms while taking Sildenafil (e.g. in a form of Brand or Generic Viagra), do not hesitate to contact a doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible.

ED medicines are not suitable for everybody. There are certain health conditions when it’s better to avoid taking Sildenafil. Sometimes ED medicines may only be used if extra care is taken. Before buying Sildenafil online let your doctor or pharmacist know whether you have any injury or deformity of your penis, heart or blood vessel disease, stomach ulcers, liver or kidney problems, etc.


Presented on this website information is of a general character. Please note that it is not intended to be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment. It is preferably if you consult with your physician or health care adviser before ordering Generic Viagra online. The information is true and reliable. However each case is individual and we do not insist that ED medications are suitable for you personally. We are not responsible for consequences of self-treatment and any direct or indirect damage caused by use of this information.

  • If you have any questions about ED medications, please consult with your physician.
  • If your condition does not get improved seek your professional medical advice.
  • Do not share ED medications with other people; they are intended for the men with erectile problems only.